Reunity Resources Logo

Reunity Resources is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a zero waste mission: it’s our goal to reunite our waste streams with value for our community. We are dedicated to educating about, implementing and promoting zero waste programs. We facilitate recycling and reuse from Santa Fe area restaurants, and we are the only organization of our kind in the nation.

Through our BioFuel Collective, we collect used cooking oil from local restaurants, recycle it into ASTM-certified biodiesel and then redistribute clean, renewable fuel to northern New Mexico. The impact of the BioFuel Collective reaches our whole community population: everyone in our community benefits from improved air quality, a water supply that does not get oil contamination, and a secure localized biodiesel fuel source. The BioFuel Collective reduces our community’s waste stream by 500 tons of CO2 annually, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and creates local jobs.

We also educate about and advocate for closed-loop recycling systems and the use of alternative fuels. Executive Director Tejinder Ciano offers ongoing workshops at the Santa Fe Community College BioFuels Center for Excellence and also led a series of workshops with the NM Department of Workforce Development aimed at building applicable job skills in this market. Through Reunity Resources’ advocacy, the City of Santa Fe began using 5% biodiesel in all its diesel fleet vehicles in May 2013.

Our compost program diverted 500,000 pounds of food waste from our landfill in its first six months of service, and it is rapidly growing.  Nationwide, Reunity Resources’ food waste pilot program is second only to New York City’s in size and diversion volume.  We are partnering with Santa Fe Public Schools, and have trained staff and over 4,000 children at a dozen elementary schools in cafeteria compost separation.