Bulk Orders

Ready for a big project?

Farmers, ranchers, and landscapers can order bulk loads of compost ranging from 5-50 cubic yards for dump truck delivery. Please call 505.393.1196 to make delivery arrangements. Bulk discounts apply.

A bulk delivery of compost directly to the fields. See our FAQs below for more info.

Reunity Resources’ compost is approved by the NMDA for use on certified organic farms. Research shows that a 2″ application of compost, one time, sets up an ongoing, positive feedback cycle that pumps more carbon out of the atmosphere, where it is harmful, and into the soil, where it is helpful for years to come. 

With all that good news, who wouldn’t want a dump truck load of our locally sourced compost? 


FAQ – Frequently asked questions about bulk orders

  •  “How far or within what radius of Santa Fe do you deliver?”  

Our typical range for bulk compost delivery is a 60 mile radius of Santa Fe–south to Albuquerque and north to Abiquiu. We are happy to make arrangements for farther distances.  Please call 505.393.1196.

  • “What is the cost for delivery?”

    Have a clear access to the place you would like the pile dumped.

Delivery cost depends on distance, ranging from $55-$150 for deliveries in our usual radius. Please call to inquire for delivery costs specific to your location.

  • “What forms of payment do you take?”

We accept cash, check and major credit cards. 

  • “Can a bulk delivery be dropped in multiple locations?” 
While dump trucks are not known for their precision, our driver can usually spread the load as s/he dumps it and/or roughly make 2-3 piles, though exact size of each is beyond our control.
  • “How should I prepare to receive my delivery?”
Have a clear access to the place you would like the pile dumped.  Depending on where you will have it delivered, some customers like to spread out a large tarp on which to dump the compost (i.e. if it will be delivery onto your driveway).  Plan for someone to be home during the delivery time to confirm the location of the compost and complete payment. 
  • “How much compost should I order?”
Please call 505.393.1196 to describe your project to our knowledgeable staff and together create a volume estimate that will achieve your goals.