Community Farm

We are delighted to begin growing food in spring 2018 on the Santa Fe Community Farm. The Community Farm has offered a green and growing solace for volunteers to get their hands dirty and thousands of pounds of fresh local produce each year to local hunger efforts for decades.  Reunity Resources is honored to carry on the legacy of founder John Stephenson and the hardworking board and staff of the Community Farm organization.  We dedicate our work on this land to legacy of John and his generous, hardworking heart, and to the future generations he taught and nurtured in his personal life and through the Community Farm’s mission.

Reunity Resources will be tending to the soil and using regenerative farming practices to grow produce for donation to local hunger efforts, carrying on the mission of the former Community Farm organization.  We look forward to seeing you out in the fields with us, at the farm stand on Sundays, and volunteering at the Food Depot, Feeding Santa Fe, Kitchen Angels, Adelante and Youthworks, the organizations to whom we donate produce and collaborate with in this sustainable and circular local food system.

We are delighted to welcome Clare Price, local farmer and Alex Pino of Revolution Farms as our Farm Managers this season.  Clare and Alex both have an abundance of agricultural wisdom to offer and are a joy to work with. Their complementary expertises in the greenhouse and field will offer a rich educational experience to regular volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering at the farm, please contact Clare at [email protected] or Alex at [email protected]  Please join us!  All are welcome.  Public Work Days are Wednesdays through the end of May and then Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays June-September.

We are delighted to nurture the soil of the farm with local compost, sourced from many of the same places to which the farm’s produce is donated.  This is what founder John Stephenson called The Golden Circle, and what we called Reunity Resources–reuniting our resources with value for our community.