Our first annual ReUse•apalooza was a success & so much fun! It was held at the Railyard Park in Santa Fe on June 4th, 2016  – TheReUse•apalooza is an event intended to raise awareness of recycling issues and solutions. 

The entire carnival of games and activities was created from reused materials.  Your favorite local businesses, schools, artists and makers pulled out all the stops while local music and food makers created the ambiance of the perfect summer day.  We hope you were there, but if not, we will have a 2017 ReUse-apaLOOZa, as well, so stay tuned!  

If you’d like to be included as a participant in 2017 EDITION of ReUse-apaLOOZa, please contact [email protected] or call (505)393-1196. 


Reuse•apalooza is a pop-up carnival where games and interactive booths will be created by local artists, makers and vendors.  Each booth will be comprised of at least 80% reused/reclaimed/recycled materials.
Reuse•apalooza is fun, interactive and educational, to engage the public in recycling issues, and to promote local businesses that are currently leading by example, through the responsible consumption and reuse of resources.
Reuse•apalooza is a celebration of resourcefulness, innovation and let’s not forget fun. It aims to inspire participants into action and possible change. This will be a broadly-advertised event, including food trucks, live music, performance and other festivities to encourage the highest level of community engagement.

Above in this YouTube and below, in photos, is a glimpse of our artists, the creation process and activities.