Services & Products

Reunity Resources services have continually expanded and now include:

  • Waste oil and food scraps collection services to Santa Fe area restaurants and institutions, with oil collection services extending into Albuquerque.
  • We provide hands on education to students of all ages on how to make compost and how closed-loop, local systems make our community and planet healthier places.
  • Zero waste consulting and trash audits for your business are available upon request.
  • Our organization’s sustainable growth model serves as a scale-able zero-waste community effort that can be replicated in mid-sized communities around the world. Stay tuned for details on our business incubator program.

Products for sale include:

  • Compost by the cubic foot bag and in bulk by the cubic yard, as well as container-ready potting mixes featuring our living compost, renewable coconut coir and local pumice.
  • 100% biodiesel is available through our BioFuel Collective  
Purchase of products are available on site M-F, 9-4 p.m.  Bags of compost are also available at Agua Fria Nursery, 1409 Agua Fria St., Santa Fe, NM 87505  (Please link to their site).  
If you are looking for a workshop presentation, talk, field trip or other educational event, please contact [email protected] to discuss details and schedule.  

Local Organic Compost booth -Santa Fe

Tejinder teaching a hands-on biodiesel class